Hypnosis Secrets Reveals Instant Hypnosis Induction – The Handshake Induction

One of the most exciting hypnosis secrets is the handshake induction an instant hypnosis induction techniques.

Amazingly few hypnotist perform this correctly and yet it can be achieved in seconds! Here you will learn the Handshake Induction using a pattern Interrupt The aim is to interrupt the subjects basic and deeply ingrained habits.

This pattern interrupt is the essence of instant hypnosis induction.

You are looking for the smallest opportunity to induce confusion in their mind.

To do the unexpected for instance; when someone offers their hand to shake yours, naturally you are inclined to respond in kind.

We are programmed to learn through our feelings, hearing and our sight. The implementation of the handshake induction allows us to gain access to all three senses.

The idea is to something they are not expecting, like grabbing their wrist instead of a hand.

While this is happening it is important to move quickly into inducing a hypnotic state by capturing their gaze (essential eye fixation) and their focus through conversational hypnosis.

While doing this capture their gaze and focus on quickly moving to induce hypnotic trance through conversation.

Here is the secret hypnosis script for the Instant Hypnosis Handshake Induction

Expecting a positive response here is the example conversation:

“Are you open to this hypnosis experience?”

(Whilst you are saying this, ask him or her to extend their hand as if about to shake yours)

(Taking care to keep the subjects arm straight take his or her arm in your right hand)

“Listen to the sound of my voice for a moment and pay attention to me. And simply allow the experience to happen.Whilst simply allowing things to happen in the moment.”

(As you converse with them carefully lower and raise their arm in your right hand.)

“As you feel your arm lowered and raised, I was wondering if you had realized how drowsy and heavy your eyes were feeling?”

“As I raise and lower your arm notice how heavy the feeling is in and around your eyes.”

“Feel how the feelings increase and your desire to close them intensifies.”

“Allowing yourself to experience these feelings, feel your eyes wishing to be closed. Allow yourself to want this to happen, feeling it happen. Allowing it to happen now.”

“Just perfect…”

Lets Review The Handshake Induction Script:

• The associative nature of the eyes closing with the subjects arm raising and lowering.

• This is just one variation of many that make use of the eye fixation method.

What Is The Hypnosis Secret For The Instant Hypnosis Handshake Induction?

Simply…Practice. Repetition and practice is a proven way to allay your fears of mastering the instant hypnosis handshake induction.